Professional Psychotherapy from Tokyo and California

I'm a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Tokyo, Japan (both online and in-person) and in California (online only). When people ask me what therapy is about, I usually answer that it's about exploring and healing the invisible stuff inside of people. One of my favorite children's books - The Little Prince - states this very elegantly: "What is essential is invisible to the eye."

My clients have mentioned that they liked my casual style and that it was different from what they expected (in a good way). We all live in an ocean of external stuff (what people think of us, the roles we have to play at work, the culture we're born into, etc.) so most people feel a wave of relief when they can talk safely about what's going on inside of them in the therapy room/online session.

I wish therapy would be just an ordinary thing that ordinary people do. No need for fancy language. No need to be super educated. The desire to be seen (on the inside - our thoughts, feelings, motivations, dreams, etc.) is universal as is the therapeutic benefit that comes from it. I look forward to hearing from a variety of people for a free initial consultation. -Ken


Thank you


Ken Hirano LMFT #96328 (California)